Driving Instructions

DIRECTIONS TO PRE-PAID LOTS: If you purchased a parking pass for a pre-paid lot, please take EXIT 68 B onto Cool Springs to Mack Hatcher then Franklin Road. Be sure to stay in Left Lane for South Lot and Right Lane for North Lot. LEFT LANE = SOUTH LOT and RIGHT LANE = NORTH LOT.

DIRECTIONS TO LIBERTY ELEMENTARY OFF-SITE LOT: For those who do not have pre-paid parking passes and would like to park off-site at Liberty Elementary, please take EXIT 67. Franklin Transit will be offering a shuttle from LibertyElementary to Pilgrimage for $1. There will be NO ACCESS on Franklin Road without a pre-paid parking pass.

DIRECTIONS TO PARKING IN DOWNTOWN FRANKLIN: To park in off-site lots in Downtown Franklin, please take EXIT 65 to HWY 96. Festival parking is available at Ligon Field and Bi-Centennial Park. Pedicab rides are available for purchase to take you from Downtown Franklin to Festival Site. There will be NO ACCESS on Franklin Road without a pre-paid parking pass.

DIRECTIONS FOR RIDE SHARE AND TAXIS: There will be a designated ride share / taxi area at the Factory across the street from the festival. Be sure to tell your driver to take EXIT 67. Please inform your driver that there will be NO ACCESS on Franklin Road and there will be no drop offs on Mack Hatcher or Franklin Road.


  • There will be NO ACCESS on Franklin Road without a pre-paid parking pass.
  • NO Northbound traffic on Franklin Road. ONLY 2 Lane Southbound traffic (for pre-paid parking) when entering the festival during peak times.
  • Off-site Lots available – Please see directions to Liberty Elementary Lot, Downtown Franklin lots and for Ride Share / Taxi Drop-offs.

Parking Information


  • We highly encourage eco-friendly practices – walking, biking, canoeing and carpooling! Please note that due to large crowds, rides will not come and go from the festival gates. There will be a designated pickup and drop off spot for all taxis, shuttles, and rideshare.
  • Come early! Stay Late! Take a Rideshare.


  • Get to in-town parking from I-65 via Murfreesboro Road (Hwy 96) and from the Northwest via Hillsboro Road (Hwy106) to downtown Franklin. Legal street parking and city-owned parking garages are available for festival parking.
  • It’s just a short walk, ride or bike from the city on a dedicated pedestrian lane directly to the festival gates. Pedicabs will be available on a limited basis. Pedestrian lanes are marked on the parking map below.
  • All parking codes will be strictly enforced including ticketing and towing.


  • Near-site parking will be available on show days on a first come, first serve basis for $20/day cash only, free for carpools of 3 or more.


  • A free canoe and kayak parking beach is available along the Harpeth River. Patrons planning to canoe to the festival are responsible for getting their canoe home. Canoes must remain outside the festival grounds and Pilgrimage is not responsible for any loss or damages.


  • Parking for vehicles with valid ADA placards or license plates is available in the South lot. Passes can be purchased when available on our tickets page.


  • Our parking map will be updated closer to the festival. Please stay tuned for details.


  • On-site Parking will be available for purchase. Please stay tuned for details.
  • VIP parking passes are included with the VIP passes, which will be mailed in early September, and will allow for on-site parking in the South lot.


  • Our parking map shows the pedestrian lanes from Franklin and the offsite lots. The Franklin Police Department will be on hand to help ease congestion and manage designated street closures to provide you a safe passage to and from the festival. Please stay tuned for details.