How to get the perfect shot with Pilgrimage Photographer Jason Myers

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Ever wonder how your friend got that perfect shot at Pilgrimage last year with just their phone?

Luckily we enlisted one of our brilliant Pilgrimage photographers Jason Myers to get tips on how to take the best phone photos at a music festival. With these helpful tips you’ll be able to capture and share your favorite moments from Pilgrimage this year!

01. Look for good and interesting light: All cameras, including smart phone cameras, need good light to help get a "properly" exposed image. Look for light that hits your subject (person, place, thing) in an interesting way.

02. Take more pictures than you think you’ll need and edit later: Lots of times we snap a pic with our phones and realize we should have taken a couple more. The law of averages applies here. Take lots of photos and delete the images you will never share or post.

03. Learn how to use the exposure and focus lock on your camera phone: Most phones have this ability and are very helpful in helping you get a properly exposed photo. For iPhone, touch and hold the screen where you want the camera to focus and it should lock on and expose for that part of the screen. You can slide your finger up/down to dial it in more precisely. Nobody likes a photo at a concert of a blurry, blown out white stage.

04. Take pictures of details: Get close. Find unique areas that have great texture or interesting patterns.

05. Remember to have fun: You are there for the experience first then the memories. Put your phone away when you get a photo you like. Take it all in and enjoy the show or event. You don't need pictures to prove to anyone you had a good time.

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  • Photos by Jason Myers