The Fender Art Barn

Join us in the Fender Art Barn and see artist works by Lexie Alexander, Joseph Bibb, Michael Damico, Sorrel Duggen Tapestry Project, Catherine Erb, Anne Goetze, Arthur Kirkby and Michael Weintrob. Meet the Artists!


The Fender Art Barn presents

  • Lexie Alexander - Painting / Works on Paper

  • Joseph Bibb - Painting

  • Michael Damico - Painting

  • Sorrel Duggen - Teacher / Tapestry Project

  • Catherine Erb - Painting / Photo

  • Anne Goetze - Painting

  • Arthur Kirkby - Painting

  • Michael Weintrob/ Instrument Head- Musician Themed Photo Exhibition

Meet the Artists


Joseph Dzuback Bibb

Dzuback is a Franklin, TN native who studied art at the Burren College of Art in Ballyvaughan, Ireland and earned his BA in Studio Art at Wake Forest University. In Ireland Dzuback’s photography and painting were highly influenced by his professor, Tom Molloy, who is regarded as Ireland’s leading contemporary artist. At this time he focussed on the concept of identity, the forces perceived to create western masculinity, and the manner in which heritage shapes the individual. Dzuback’s artist influences include Cindy Sherman, Eric Fischl, Edward Hopper, April Gornik and Hung Liu. Stylistically his work is moving from looser, impressionistic painting into contemporary painterly realism with the application of mixed media. Dzuback’s current work focusses on the landscape of his ancestors, both in Tennessee and Ireland. He was initially drawn to this subject matter through his time living on the west coast of Ireland where he felt a surreal connection to the land, bringing forth the emotive imaginings of the homeland of his ancestors, binding him to their past as though his very blood flowed through that land as well as his home in Tennessee. Other concentrations Dzuback is working on are concerned with the societal stratification of class socially, racially, and economically. His more politically charged paintings confront the viewer with a sense of uncertainty amidst direct questioning of society’s status quo, even on a global level. These pieces challenge the viewer to reconsider the geopolitical landscape of contemporary society and the effect of aggressive foreign policy on the interconnectedness of our human family.

Former Exhibitions

  • Franklin Art Crawl Franklin, TN 2014-2016
  • Montgomery Bell Academy Nashville, TN 2015
  • Kimbro’s Pickin’ Parlor Franklin, TN 2015
  • Franklin Synergy Bank Franklin, TN 2014
  • Williamson County Library Franklin, TN 2013
  • Wake Forest University Winston-Salem, NC 2009
  • Burren College of Art Ballyvaughan, County Clare, Ireland 2007
  • Art for Humanity Franklin, TN 2006

Dzuback’s work is also in several private collections including Wake Forest University, Montgomery Bell Academy and Franklin Synergy Bank.

  • Business info: Dzuback Art
  • Phone: 615.483.3801
  • Email:
  • Follow on instagram @dzuback

Michael Damico

Born in Nashville, artist Michael Damico began displaying a natural talent for the craft at a very early age. What began with pencils and detailed illustrations later developed into representational figurative painting and fine art. Damico received a Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies and an Associate Degree in Studio Art from the University of Central Florida in 2005. He continued independently studying art and human anatomy in order to calibrate his skills as a portrait artist, eventually favoring oils and acrylics on canvas. “I think the human face is an endless puzzle,” says Damico. “I love cracking codes and when I’m painting faces, the problem solving turns into a form of meditation. Everything in the world vanishes except for the highly complex code right in front of me.”

Damico prefers working with large-scale projects because of the opportunity it provides for detail. His philosophy is that the "values of light and dark are the master and that color is the slave to value. If the value is right, the color will work. Without value there is no form.” To learn more about Michael Damico and Damico Frame & Art Gallery, visit:

  • Michael Damico
  • Damico Frame & Art Gallery
  • 112A E Fowlkes St. Franklin, TN 37064
  • (615) 815-6015
  • Instagram @damicofineart
  • FaceBook as Michael Damico
  • Sizes of those 3 paintings are:
  • 48x60.
  • acrylic on canvas.
  • 4500 retail
  • all self titled (i.e. marilyn monroe, jimmy hendrix, james dean)

Sorrel Duggen - Teacher at Spring Station Middle School - Tapestry Project

Includes works from (in order from above images):

  • 2015 The Mansion: Painted by the students of O’More’s Summer Studio 2015
  • 2015 Sugar Skull: Painted by 6-8th graders at Spring Station Middle School
  • 2015 All Geared Up: Painted by 6-8th graders at Spring Station Middle School
  • 2016 Freedom: Painted by 6-8th graders at Spring Station Middle School
  • 2016 Journey: Painted by 6-8th graders at Spring Station Middle School
  • 2016 Lil-Pilgrims: Painted by 6-8th graders at Spring Station Middle School
  • 2016 Deco Logo: Painted by 6-8th graders at Spring Station Middle School
  • 2016 Peace: Painted by 6-8th graders at Spring Station Middle School
  • 2016 Barn Quilt: Painted by 6-8th graders at Spring Station Middle School

All monies raised from the silent auction of The Pilgrimage Tapestry Project will go directly back to the arts program at each participating school.


Catherine Erb

is a self-taught fine-art photographer from Memphis. She began her fascination with photography in the late 80’s when she had unlimited access to a camera and dark room while attending boarding school. After High School, Catherine moved to Europe where she worked with photographers for several years before returning to Memphis to start a family. Catherine began using her camera as a way to visually journal. In 2003 she discovered the digital darkroom and began creating her own pigment prints as well as exploring alternative ways to print her work.

Catherine’s work is inspired by relationships. She is fascinated by how we relate to one another and the world around us. In particular, our relationship to divinity, spirit, and the things we cannot see inform her work. Her series are explorations and studies searching for a glimpse of the invisible. She believes everything and everyone has a divine essence and seeks to capture that in her work.

“I spend the most time searching for glimpses of a things divine essence and being still and present enough to capture those moments. There is a little break in time that occurs after something comes into my viewfinder but before I have had a chance to react or form a judgment: there is clarity in that interval of time and I try to shoot and capture that moment. When I am successful, the result is not just an image, but a feeling and reminder that the magic always happens in the present.”


Anne Goetze

Anne Goetze resides on a small farm in the countryside outside of Leipers Fork, Tennessee. Her cherished subject matter features the rural life and landscape of middle Tennessee, as well as a certain beloved town in the French Alps that she frequently visits.

Goetze was born into a family of artists and photographers, where the walls of her home offered her consistent visual beauty. Goetze also cites her influences to be the documentary photography of Dorothea Lange during the Depression Era, and the paintings of the French and American Impressionists from the late 19th century. Her work in plein air and impressionism offers her complimentary mediums of expression through photography and in painting, as well as a particular technique she developed working over the years as a hand retouch artist, where the two mediums are combined. She has studied with many contemporary artists and friends such as Anton Weiss, Quang Ho and Skip Whitcomb.

She has garnered an understanding by documentation, absorption and reflection.. that whether it be by our roots, transplanting or just traveling through the area.. we all share in a connection to God's Creation. "We all play a part in the same shared relationship of our souls needing a 'sense of place', a sense of meaning."

Goetze’s work is found in the permanent collections of The Tennessee State Museum and Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital, Breast Cancer Center and Psychiatric Hospitals. as well as the personal collections of Oprah Winfrey, Tony Joe White, former U.S. Senator Fred Thompson, Tim McGraw, Michael McDonald, Naomi Judd, John Hiatt, Nashville Mayor Karl Dean and Billy Ray Cyrus, among others.

Anne Goetze is a member of the Oil Painters of America, American Impressionist Society, Metro Nashville Arts Commission, and The Chestnut Group, a non-profit plein air painters group dedicated to land conservancy.


Arthur Kirkby

A multi-media artist living and working in Nashville, Tn. His artwork appears on the hit television show NASHVILLE, in the Johnny Cash Museum in Nashville, Tn and in the collection of the Country Music Hall of Fame.

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